Welcome to Mystic Ya Ya!

Mystic Ya Ya is a Soulful Southern musical tradition composed of soul, pop, jazz, zydeco, boogie woogie and rock and roll. This entertaining musical group is an exciting modern blend of musical sounds and flavorful standards that give Mystic Ya Ya attitude, lifestyle and “Southern Charm”.

The sound of Mystic Ya Ya is inspired by some of the best and most prominent traditional New Orleans and Memphis music legends along with the rich and diversified musical heritage of American roots rock & roll.
So get up and dance, tap your feet and let the music move your spirit!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!


Blue Bayou Live — June 2018


Wagon Wheel at Omega Recording Studios — August 2017


Down by the Riverside at Omega Recording Studios — February 2018


Under The Purple Moon – Twenty Years And Counting

Greetings music lovers and welcome to our latest installment of our musical journey. It has been 20 years since we completed and released “Under The Purple Moon”. In that time we have sold over 3500 hard copies of the album and have released another 4,000 digital copies via the internet through Itunes, CD Baby and Amazon. …

Mystic Ya Ya Alive and Well

Post covid Mystic Ya Ya is in a tight funky groove and is totally enjoying making music for fans who are finally getting back out to see and hear live music. Parties, festivals and a few concerts are on the schedule and the band is glad to be back and performing for a live audience.


Mystic Ya Ya Band Members

Mystic Ya Ya is a true musical festival and revue of soul, pop, jazz, zydeco, boogie woogie and rock and roll all rounded into one live audio entertainment package. This musical performance group presents an exciting and modern blend of musical sounds, roots rock and current flavorful folk standards. Whether on the stage or in the recording studio their “Soulful Southern Charm” give Mystic Ya Ya their attitude and lifestyle.

Rita Clarke – Vocalist,  Fender Stratocaster guitar, P bass, harmonies

Rita is lovingly referred to as “Rita The Heata” and has earned that nickname by spending over 40 years performing classic R&B, Blues, Folk, Rock standards and her own compositions to enthusiastic audiences. Rita started performing as a solo folk musician and transitioned to Roots Rock with her own group The Prowlers. Rita left The Prowlers to perform vocals and percussion with Little Red and the Renegades which opened up a whole new genre of musical styles best suited for her soulful vocal talents. Rita  departed Red’s band to form Krewe Of Renegades with drummer and life partner Richard “RC” Clarke. Rita’s soulful vocal renditions always express enthusiasm and energy and together Rita and RC have continued on in that musical style of music to the present group Mystic Ya Ya. Rita’s beautiful voice and  trademark natural soulful delivery are the Hallmarks of a entertaining professional.

Richard RC Clarke – drums, congas, cajon, rub board, harmonies

RC is a veteran drummer who has performed as a sideman with Junior Wells, Joey Dee, Dr. John, Chuck Berry, Wilson Pickett, Mitch Ryder, Bobby Comstock, Lightnin'” Hopkins and  John Lee Hooker. RC led his own New York based bands Clarksdale Revival and Second Line and worked as a session drummer for the Sweethearts of Soul. RC also had a very long successful run with Tom Corradino and Harold Rado in the bands Bad Medicine and Little Red and the Renegades. For the past 37 years Rita and RC have been performing as a working couple, both in the studio and in live performances. Mystic Ya Ya is their current group doing both live and studio work keeping that Soulful tradition alive and well.

Rick Arenz (The Professor)  – Hammond organ, piano, Nord, harmonies  & recording engineer guru

Rick is the groups resident keyboard genius and brings years of road and studio experience to the group. Rick grew up with training in both classical music and Jazz. Rick spent much of the 70’s recording in the studios in the Miami area and toured with several up and coming supergroups. His well rounded musical background on keyboards is what makes Mystic Ya Ya music distinctive and special. Rick is equally at home on Jazz, Funk, R&R or Soul and delivers that magic sound to every groove he touches. Rick is also the resident studio engineer at Mystic Ya Ya Recording Services and has a PHD in mixology.

Steve Shaw – Fender P bass, trombone, harmonies

Steve can always be counted on to supply that funky bass sound that keeps the band on solid footing. Steve is also a really fine trombone player who can add that Bourbon Street shine!

Howie “Hurricane” Feinstein – accordion, piano

Howie’s time spent working with Rita & RC goes back almost 30 years.
He was an original founding member of The Krewe Of Renegades and helped to create the sound that has become the trademark of the Mystic Ya Ya Band. Howie’s piano work is always a treat and one cannot help but think back to vintage times in New Orleans.  

Contributing working musicians and very special Mystic Ya Ya guests:

Leo Aspiras – bass guitar

Chris Watling – baritone and tenor saxophone, accordion

Alan MacEwen – guitar, slide guitar, harmonies

Keith Grimes – guitar

Jon “Ace” Combs – guitar, piano, sousaphone

Vincent McCool – trumpet, cornet

Curtis Pope – trumpet, cornet

Tommy Lepson – guitar, organ, harmonies