Mystic Ya Ya Alive and Well

Post covid Mystic Ya Ya is in a tight funky groove and is totally enjoying making music for fans who are finally getting back out to see and hear live music. Parties, festivals and a few concerts are on the schedule and the band is glad to be back and performing for a live audience.

Left to right: Rick Arenz, Keith Grimes, Leo Aspiras, Rita Clarke, Richard Clarke & Curtis Pope


What is in a band name? On the surface Mystic Ya Ya seems like another one of those New Orleans nonsense terms but it does have a much deeper meaning for those of you who seek some substance to their terminology. The Mystic in this case is a direct reference to Abraham Lincoln and his love for the performing arts. Dear Abe used the term Mystic in his first inaugural speech in 1861 and was referring to music as it was composed and performed in his generation. He spoke of the Mystic chords from our better angels and again in these times (2021) we could sure use more of those tunes. Of course the Ya Ya is a reference the La La in many of Allen Toussaint’s wonderful compositions. So there you have it folks, a band name that can be interpreted on many levels depending on either your intellect, mood or whatever. I prefer the better Angels myself and on this MLK Day in 2021 the name Mystic Ya Ya seems a little more relevant with the times a Changin’. It is really all about the music but one has to also declare some political allegiance and take sides when it counts.
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New Orleans R&B Rita Clarke & Mystic Ya Ya

Rita and her Krewe return for another great Matinee Show at the 
Villain & Saint • Bethesda
Saturday • April 27th • 4 – 6 pm
Come join Rita Clarke and the Mystic Ya Ya band
for dining, dancing and great music.
Fine food, drink and lively conversation highlighted by the Mystic Ya Ya’s very own special blend of soulful New Orleans Americana. 
This 2 hour matinee show will feature non stop old school R&B tunes performed by one of Washington’s leading Rockin’ Soul bands! 
Get yar hiner outta dat recliner!
No cover charge and free parking.

Mystic Ya Ya Web Launch!

Welcome to the official Mystic Ya Ya website! We are proud to present the new online home for all things Rita Clarke and her Mystic Ya Ya band. Here, you will find the latest videos posted on the Mystic Ya Ya YouTube channel, as well as blog posts, live performance announcements, information about the band, and much more.

This is the dawn of a amazing new era for Rita Clarke and the Mystic Ya Ya band, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us on this journey.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!